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In many cases, we can pay your comprehensive deductibles, costing you nothing in out of pocket expenses.  Call us at  (901) 849-4304 for more information.

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Glassman Auto, Residential, and Commercial glass repair and replacement is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction.  Although we specialize in Auto glass, we also are a fully authorized dealer in commercial (ie: store fronts) & residential glass of of all types. 

The glass industry is a very competitive market.  There are literally thousands of glass shops across the U.S.  Why choose Glassman  for all of your windshield, door glass, sliders, store fronts, or home window replacement (or repair) needs?  To put it simply, we do it right the first time.  We don't sacrifice quality for the sake of profit, nor do we give our customers the "run-around" if they do have a problem with our work.  (In the past three years, we've only had one "come-back", and this was a "stress fracture" on a windshield).  Our business objectives are simple: 


bullet Offer the best prices without sacrificing quality.
(Performing the job right the first time actually keeps our costs down, allowing us to offer very competitive pricing)
bullet Offer a "no-haggle" lifetime* warranty.
*(limitation - as long as customer owns his/her car, boat, plane, etc.)
bullet Perform all work at the customer's convenience.
(example:  Replacing the windshield in your vehicle at your workplace at time when you designate, no need to bring your vehicle to us).


If you would like to get a free windshield replacement quote via our online program, click here.  For all other inquires, or quotes, please contact us.

Located near West Memphis, Arkansas, we service all customers within 30 miles of West Memphis, Arkansas.  If you are outside of our coverage area, please call us for pricing.  We may be able to serve you, but due to the distance, pricing may be slightly higher.  As always, we are constantly expanding our coverage area, as our business grows. 


      Lifetime Warranty
We guarantee our work for life, as long as you own you vehicle, against leakage.



      Tips for Customers
Here are some tips for customers seeking auto-
glass repair and replace-

>>  Always inspect the work after it has been completed, noting any- thing that looks different than before.  You should not be able to tell that the glass was ever replaced.

>>  If the price seems too reasonable, ask the merchant how they can offer such a price. Ex-
tremely low prices can be an indicator of shotty work (inexperienced installers), or cheap glass.

>>  Does the work come with any warranty?  If so, what are the terms of the warranty.

>>  Ask for references.  Never trust anyone who will not give references in order to get your business. 






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