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For Insurance Claims:

In many cases, we can pay your comprehensive deductibles, costing you nothing in out of pocket expenses.  Call us at  (901) 849-4304 for more information.

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Be sure to tell us how you heard about us.  This keeps our advertising costs down, which in turn keeps our prices down.



Frequently Asked Questions:


How can you offer such low prices for installed windshields?
Simple.  We do it right the first time.  When we install your windshield (or any other glass) we don't believe in taking shortcuts.  Although there are many ways in which a windshield (or any other glass) can be installed more quickly using shortcuts, these shortcuts can lead to:  leakage, a noisy (rattle) from the dash, vehicle damage, and even death.  We are also constantly looking for ways to cut costs, so that we may pass those savings on to our customers.

Does your company perform their own work? 
Yes.  We do not collect leads and submit them - we are the installer.  We also warranty this work for life, as long as you own your vehicle.

Do you offer any type of warrantly?
Yes.  We offer a lifetime warranty against leakage.  We also offer a 90 day warranty against stress fracture. (Stress fractures are normally caused by a defect within the glass.  Stress fractures can also be caused by improperly installed glass.)

How do I file a claim if my windshield leaks after it is installed?
Simple.  Call (901) 849-4304, and report the problem.  We'll take care of the rest.

Are the prices on your website for real? 
Yes.  The prices listed on our website for installed windshields are cash prices.  This means that these prices are offered to those of us who either don't have comprehensive insurance coverage, or do but their out-of-pocket deductible is very high. (example:  Some comprehensive deductibles are $500, or more.  If the windshield (or other glass) can be installed for less than your comprehensive deductible, it would be cheaper on you to pay for it yourself, rather than filing a insurance claim.)

Do you handle insurance claims?
Absolutely.  We are setup to process claims for all insurance companies. All we need is the name of you insurance provider, policy number, agent's name, and telephone number. We take care of the rest.

Can insurance companies tell me that I must use a particular glass shop?
If they do, you should report this immediately to the BBB.  It is illegal.

Can you meet or beat any competitors pricing?
Yes.  Just call us and give us the opportunity.



      Lifetime Warranty
We guarantee our work for life, as long as you own you vehicle, against leakage.



      Tips for Customers
Here are some tips for customers seeking auto-
glass repair and replace-

>>  Always inspect the work after it has been completed, noting any- thing that looks different than before.  You should not be able to tell that the glass was ever replaced.

>>  If the price seems too reasonable, ask the merchant how they can offer such a price. Ex-
tremely low prices can be an indicator of shotty work (inexperienced installers), or cheap glass.

>>  Does the work come with any warranty?  If so, what are the terms of the warranty.

>>  Ask for references.  Never trust anyone who will not give references in order to get your business. 






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